Professional music is a hoax. What is real, and what is true, is the product of an amateur. It paints the world perceived by the listener in the colours of the truth, and spins a web of beauty, rather than one of lies and secrets and content.

There is a word within my native tongue that describes this, yet that is not present within the supposedly limitless English vocabulary, dårligmusikksvirkelighetsmalingskunst, which can loosely be translated as The Amateur Musician's Art of Mentally Drawing a World Through Music. 

While not all of my music is dårligmusikksvirkelighetsmalingskunst, much of it will be. It is my hope that you will enjoy what you will find, and that a new reality, a "røynd", will come forth into your mind.

Jokke the Jokke (link)

Mia muziko el mian animon venas. Ĝi estas la daŭrigo de revon kiu estas longa iris, la esprimo de mian animon.

Ich hoffe, dass Sie auch meinen, dass meine Musik sehr kreativ und spannend ist. Die dårligmusikksvirkelighetsmalingskunst ist eine Musikart, die kommt aus meiner kleiner Ortschaft.